MJD Mechanical Service specialises in comprehensive heavy machinery solutions, including scheduled servicing, repairs, overhauls, labour hire and site compliance for a wide range of heavy equipment. Our primary focus is on mining and earthmoving machinery for both the civil and agricultural sectors. We provide field service units staffed by experienced technicians and equipped with compliant vehicles for breakdowns and repairs. Our workshop facility specialises in component overhauls and complete machine rebuilds, We cater to a variety of heavy equipment, including dozers, diggers, scrapers, loaders, graders, off-highway trucks, industrial engines, and more.


Our equipment compliance service is your assurance of safety and reliability. We specialize in meticulously assessing your equipment to ensure it meets all necessary regulatory standards. Whether it’s industrial machinery, electrical installations, or safety equipment, we’re dedicated to keeping your assets compliant and in top working order. We offer thorough inspections and efficient compliance solutions that give you peace of mind in a world of regulations.


Component rebuilds are at the core of our expertise. At MJD Mechanical Service, we breathe new life into heavy machinery by meticulously rebuilding key components to factory specifications. Our skilled technicians bring years of experience and precision to every rebuild, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Whether it’s engines, transmissions, or hydraulic systems, we take pride in reviving these vital components, extending the life of your machinery while minimizing downtime and costly replacements. When it comes to component rebuilds, trust MJD Mechanical Service for quality craftsmanship that keeps your equipment running smoothly.


A machine overhaul at MJD Mechanical Service is your ticket to revitalizing your heavy equipment. We specialize in comprehensive overhauls, restoring machinery to like-new condition. Our team of expert technicians brings years of experience to the table, ensuring every component and system is rebuilt or replaced to factory specifications. From engines and transmissions to hydraulic systems, our overhauls breathe new life into your equipment, extending its operational lifespan and enhancing efficiency.  When it’s time for a machine overhaul, count on us for top-quality work that minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity which keeps our customers moving dirt for longer.